what’s the difference: fair trade vs organic

What’s the difference: Fair Trade vs Organic

In the eyes of consumers, organic and fair trade is more or less the same. In terms of standards they are essentially ethical and eco-friendly. “Organic” sets standards for agricultural methods and the use of natural resources that is environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable, “fair trade” sets standards and certification for trade to poor and remote smallholder farmers with access to global markets by providing opportunities and better living conditions in developing countries.


Organic agriculture follows a practice that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It combines tradition, innovations and science to benefit a shared environment.

Fair Trade

Fair trade gives farmers and growers in developing countries a better price and better trade conditions for their products. This helps them to improve their living conditions and any plans they may have for the future. Buying Fair trade helps to contribute to fighting poverty through their daily shopping.

Organic vs Fair Trade

Organic production and fair trade have separate certification processes, although the underlying principles are the same: an ethically responsible food production. Buying motives for organic and fair trade food differ from conventional food shopping, in the case of organic products expectations are related to the environment, animal welfare, support for the local business whereas fair trade, financial support of social projects tht target the producers, theri families and their local environment.

Here are some other reasons for buying fair trade and organic food:

  • Health
  • Taste
  • Less pesticides, additives, fertilisers, GMO-free
  • Food safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Animal welfare
  • Naturalness

At AZADA, we believe the future of food is clean, natural and tasty. We are deeply committed to making ethical products the gold standard for the food industry. Our olive oils are organic, GMO free and are produced in a sustainable way. For further information, please visit us at azada.co.uk or contact Anisha, anisha@azada.es

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