family friendly farm activities to do this summer

Family Friendly Farm Activities to do this Summer

Family friendly farm activities are great if you are thinking of what to do this summer. Sure, you have a house and close neighbours – but there’s plenty to do on a farm to keep those kiddies entertained. So here is a list of fun activities to keep your little ones enjoying the farm.

Getting Creative With Games

Fill a bucket or trough-shaped container with hay and create some colouring popsicle sticks or gather some small toys. Hide each farm animal toy or popsicle stick throughout the hay. The bigger the mess, the more fun. Start with a countdown to the search, and go! Whoever finds the most farm animals or popsicle sticks wins the game, and the winner gets to dig around in the hay and hide the animals for the next round. Best out of 10!

Picking Some Wild Flowers to Use Them As Water Colours

Let your littles ones go into the field to pick some colourful flowers and grass. Find a light coloured (porous) rock to absorb the natural pigments. Simply rub the petals, stems or leaves on the rock, and watch the natural colouring appear. This way it will certainly be more special.

Meeting the Farm Animals

Meet and feed the friendly animals – collect freshly laid eggs – swing in the straw barn – hold baby animals – have fun on the playgrounds, tractor rides, pony rides and more…

Build a Worm Farm

Worms are some of the strangest, and one of Earths’ most harmless creepy-crawlies. Most kiddies just love them. To build a worm farm all you need is a mid-size clear vase or large jar, soil and sand, and of course, some worms. Begin by layering about an inch of dirt, then an inch of sand, and repeat until the vase/jar is nearly full. Add a little water because worms prefer an environment with some moisture. Pick out some lucky worms and place them on top. They’ll immediately start wiggling their way down and disappear in no time.

Painting With Hay as Your Instrument

Grab a few handfuls of hay and straighten the blades to lay together. Using a piece of tape or rubber band them, tie them together about an inch above the base, and you’ll have yourself a paint brush. Make a few, one for each kiddie for the colour(s) they want to use. Hand out large pieces of thick paper or poster board, and with the kids draw a landscape, the farm or even the barn yard animals. Any painting from the outdoors will be great – your kids will love it!

Let your kids guide the way – sometimes they can have the best ideas. We provided just a few fun activities, and we hope you also have some fun with free, fun activities with your kids this summer.

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