reforesting the world one tree at a time

Reforesting the world one tree at a time

Azada announces Tree-Nation Partnership

Tree-Nation is an open, collaborative platform where companies, local citizens and planting projects from around the world come together and work to reforest the world. 

It is the largest reforestation platform allowing citizens and companies to plant trees all around the world. So far Tree-Nation has planted 6,452,729 trees with the support of 130,000 users and over 2,200 companies from around the world who have teamed up with us.

Why should we plant trees?

In 2019, a scientific report by the Crowther Lab concluded that planting trees is possibly the cheapest and most effective way to fight Climate Change. Beyond that, trees have incredible benefits for both our environment and its inhabitants. 

To fight Climate Change we have 2 types of solutions, we can either reduce greenhouse gas emissions or we can capture CO2 already released into the atmosphere. For many years the focus has been, rightly so, on lowering emissions. Today the scientific consensus is that this is unfortunately not enough. That’s why carbon capture (and in particular reforestation) is part of the solutions considered essential by the COP21 Paris agreement to keep global temperature rise below 1.5ºC above pre-industrial levels.

Trees absorb CO2, store the C (Carbon) and eject O2 (Oxygen). Other carbon capture solutions are being developed but reforestation is by far the most efficient and affordable solution, probably more than 100 times cheaper than the next best solution. 

Another extraordinary difference is the quantity of other amazing benefits of planting trees. Trees serve as habitats to millions of species, bring revenue to local populations, help us get food, fodder and medicine, clean our air from toxins, purify our rivers and water resources and much more. Plus, they are Natural.

But today we are losing trees every year due to deforestation. Because of this, approximately 17% of Climate Change is caused by our loss of trees, an impact on global greenhouse gas emissions greater than the entire transport sector. We cannot pretend to fight Climate Change without solving Deforestation.

Therefore planting trees is essential for our planet. Not as an aim in itself but simply because trees address some of the most threatening issues our generation is facing: Pollution, Species Extinction, Climate Change, Desertification, Deforestation, Floods, Poverty, Malnutrition and even Deadly Viruses. For many of these problems, planting trees is a critical part of the solution.

Where does Tree-Nation plant trees currently and how do they select projects?

Trees are key pillars of the world for both humans and the environment. They benefit us by purifying water, air and creating better social conditions. They benefit the environment by providing homes for various forms of life, cooling our climate and improving our soil. Currently Tree-Nation plants trees in Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Colombia, France, India, Kenya, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Peru, Spain, Tanzania, Thailand, United States. 

Tree-Nation looks for projects that help to fight climate change, restore biodiversity and help local communities, which are identified by three ways:

Direct: Projects directly fighting climate change with a strong focus on capturing CO2 emissions. Those projects are often situated in tropical areas (for ideal conditions) and include fast growing species.

Causes: Projects limiting the causes of climate change like deforestation and modern agriculture.

Consequences: Projects alleviating the consequences of climate change like desertification, land erosion, malnutrition, poverty and species extinction (loss of species habitat).

Why do we at AZADA want to be involved?

We want to grow a sustainable brand and become a ZERO plastic company by 2022. We want to communicate about our planting activities and let our customers know that with our 1 Product – 1 Tree Campaign, 1 tree will be planted in the Madagascar with each product purchased ( as part of the Madagascar Reforestation Project.

About Tree-Nation

Tree-Nation is a company with one sole mission: to combat desertification, deforestation and climate change by planting trees. Ultimately, they want to reforest the world. Trees are considered to be the best way to mitigate the effects of climate change. Currently, they coordinate 160 planting projects in 33 different countries. Their mission is to: 

  • Fight Deforestation
  • Bring Sustainable Development to Communities
  • Preserve the Biodiversity of Ecosystems
  • Halt Climate Change and Mitigate it’s Damaging Impact

Tree-Nation makes sure that the trees which they plant are local in nature, suitable to the climate of the project region and provide benefits to the local communities surrounding their restoration areas. They plant more than 300 different tree species ranging from baobabs to cacao trees. To learn more go to

About Azada

Azada is a food company based in Tarragona, Spain, which was founded in 2009 by Kevin and Josep Maria. We offer a selection of organic, premium olive oils and gourmet patés, which are available globally. We use ethical, environmental and sustainable certifications to ensure that all of the ingredients used in our products support these active organisations, including the 1% for the Planet, European Vegetarian Union (EVU), the European Union Organic certification and the European Union-Eco-regulation (Verordnung).

For more information please contact Anisha Mistry, 

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