Dessert Recipes

Pear Sorbet with Lemon Olive Oil

Chilled desserts don’t come much easier than this refreshing pear sorbet recipe. It combines fresh pears that gives it a light and creamy texture that makes the perfect ending to an alfresco meal.

Healthy Mango & Peach Chia Pudding

Everyone loves a good trifle recipe – but why not experiment with something new, without totally sacrificing the traditional qualities you’ve grown to love with this creamy mango pudding with peach and chia, which fits the bill perfectly

Pickled Strawberries with Orange Blossom Water

The intensely sharp combination between the strawberries and oranges hold their own, together they conquer the sweetness of the sugar. The freshness and  intense fragrance of the oranges is definitely unmatched bringing pizazz to this simple recipe of Pickled Strawberries with Orange Blossom Water.

Sugar-free Thyme and Chocolate Brownie with Walnuts

It’s hard to resist a slice of this super easy sugar-free thyme and warm chocolate brownie. Crisp on the outside and fudgy in the centre with delightful mouthfuls of light, crunchy, walnut goodness.

Lemon Oil and Raspberry Madeleines

Cuisine reveals its sources and influences through history and ancestors. Every kitchen is filled with homemade sweet delights with every […]

Hazelnut Cookies

Like many, who hasn’t carried around the idea of a perfect day. The harvesting of the new season’s nuts by the boxful with the mellow spring sunshine and all around the scent of freshly cut grass and burning wood.

Lemon Pancakes with a Sweet Lemon Mascarpone Cream

As noted by Niki Sgnit, all citrus fruits lead double lives, from sweet, refreshing juice to a zesty, oily peel.

Tiramisu mascarpone buttercream frosted chocolate-orange oil cake

Tiramisu is a flavour, fully ripened and reminiscent of vanilla, sweetness of honey and rum which has a great affinity […]

Blueberry, Oat & Lemon Oil Muffins

This is an essential recipe you need to know how to cook. This is the price you pay for a […]

Chocolate and pumpkin seed cookies with flaked almonds and cardamom

As the season of autumn draws in dark, cold days and the chills of Halloween and bonfire night get a bit too overwhelming, this recipe is the perfect remedy with a warm cup of hot cocoa.

Coconut, Yellow Raspberry and Almond Bites

White, dusty flour, soft butter, soft flakey almonds and the coarse sugar crystals sounds like cooking poetry.

Seasonal Biscuits

The holiday season is about three spectacular F words… family, food and fun. Why not share flavours that make Christmas a truly delicious and memorable season.

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