Green beans and thin asparagus with walnut and orange-butter

When you think of seasonal greens and orange, it does seem like an unlikely match but it actually works! This […]

Blueberry, Oat & Lemon Oil Muffins

This is an essential recipe you need to know how to cook. This is the price you pay for a […]

Chocolate and pumpkin seed cookies with flaked almonds and cardamom

As the season of autumn draws in dark, cold days and the chills of Halloween and bonfire night get a bit too overwhelming, this recipe is the perfect remedy with a warm cup of hot cocoa.

Roasted Root Vegetables with Basil Oil and Cooling Yoghurt

Summer a thing of the past, the weather has cooled, and the chestnuts are roasting away in the plazas. This recipe couldn’t be easier. It is simple with deep roasted, nutty flavours to tender root vegetables.

Coconut, Yellow Raspberry and Almond Bites

White, dusty flour, soft butter, soft flakey almonds and the coarse sugar crystals sounds like cooking poetry.

Oat Porridge with Poached Lemon Pears, Nuts and Seeds

Weekend’s are the perfect day for a lazy and indulgent breakfast.

Seasonal Biscuits

The holiday season is about three spectacular F words… family, food and fun. Why not share flavours that make Christmas a truly delicious and memorable season.

Mozzarella and baby Tomatoes in an Orange Oil dressing

End-of-season vegetables are often more sweeter than when it is at its seasonal height. I mean this salad is one […]

Caramel and Lemon Popcorn

This popcorn captures the essence of the most addictive nut but just healthier. Adding caramel to the popcorn creates a seriously addictive snack, creating a perfect balance between salty and sweet.

Fruity Chocolate Bites with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

These bite size bars are enough to keep anyone going through to an afternoon work-out and keep hunger at bay.

Buckwheat, Coconut and Orange Waffles with Fruit

Here is a deliciously, tasty recipe using buckwheat, coconut, hazelnuts and fresh fruits for a most impressive recipe for breakfast.

Almond, Banana and Coconut Loaf

People either love or hate bananas, that being said the ripeness of the bananas doesn’t matter when it comes to […]

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